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Cappadocia Tour from Marmaris
Cappadocia Tour from Marmaris
Cappadocia Tour from Marmaris
Cappadocia Tour from Marmaris
Cappadocia Tour from Marmaris
Cappadocia Tour from Marmaris
Cappadocia Tour from Marmaris
Cappadocia Tour from Marmaris
Cappadocia Tour from Marmarisp
Cappadocia Tour from Marmaris

Cappadocia Tour from Marmaris

For those of you who are die-hard travelers and those who desire to discover more than just Marmaris' stunning resorts, we provide a wonderful Marmaris Cappadocia Tour.

We begin our Marmaris Cappadocia Tour with a 770-kilometer drive to the ancient city of Cappadocia. Due to its length, we are using comfortable little buses for this long journey. You'll be traveling in fully equipped busses, each of which is cooled by an air conditioning system. We will arrive at Cappadocia after a 13-hour traveling and proceed to have a hearty breakfast along the way.

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Cappadocia Tour from Marmaris

The first stage of the Marmaris Cappadocia Tour starts with a 770-kilometer journey to Cappadocia. Our busses are well-equipped and well-maintained. Each bus has an air-cooling system and comfortable seats. During this excursion, you will be given some rest stops. After 13 hours on the road, we'll reach Cappadocia in the morning. Our driver will then bring you for a tour of North Cappadocia in the morning after a delicious breakfast.

We will begin the tour with a drive to North Cappadocia's northern areas. The magnificent Uchisar Castle, with numerous rooms and secret passageways carved into the mountain rock, will be our first stop. Following that, we will visit the Goreme Open Air Museum, one of Turkey's UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This museum contains beautiful churches carved into mountainsides with some amazing frescoes painted on their inner walls.

We'll visit the Cavusin Ancient Greek Village, which includes Saint John the Baptist's cave church. This temple is larger than other cave churches and has three rooms rather than one.

We'll then depart for Pasabag, which has unique fairy chimneys with three or two caps on top. We'll go to Saint Simeon's chapel and a hermit's shelter carved into one of the three-capped chimneys in Pasabag after lunch. We'll next go to Avanos to look at their red clay pottery production. Local potters obtain their gorgeous crimson clay from the banks of the Red River that adjoins theirs.

Devrent Valley is another destination that's worth seeing. The Moon Crater, also known as Devil's Sea, is a picturesque lake with strange rock formations in Devrent Valley. We will also go to Urgup and see its huge fairy chimneys, as well as a traditional carpet factory in Goreme, where you can learn how the famed Turkish rugs and kilims are made. Following that, our guide will take you on a leisurely drive back to your hotel.

Optinal Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Flight

We have arranged a magnificent Hot Air Balloon Flight for the adventure seekers among you. Please note that, in addition to hot air ballooning in Cappadocia, a separate trip is required. Our flight can begin with a drive to the venue, where we will serve you a light breakfast. While flying among the clouds, you will get to see the lovely landscape of Cappadocia. From up above, the rural Cappadocian valley scape becomes unforgettable.

Our team will throw a celebration with champagne when we land, and you will be given your own Hot air Balloon Flight Certificate. You'll then go to the Cappadocia Inn for breakfast with our driver. The Standard flight lasts at least an hour, while the Deluxe one lasts at least an hour and a half.

2nd Day

After breakfast, we will continue our Marmaris Cappadocia Tour. From there, the driver will take us to the Derinkuyu, where we will continue on foot. First thing first, we'll get a glimpse of Hittite's magnificent underground city. This underground complex has stables, refectories, cellars, wineries, and even a missionary school. These cities were not intended to be lived in permanently; rather, they were built as temporary shelters during wartime. We will later take a long stroll along the Melendiz River in Ihlara Valley.

The Selime Valley, which still offers a sense of rural Ottoman culture, is located about a two-hour drive from Konya. The valley has over 100 churches within its caves and once housed over 4,000 homes. We'll have lunch after this trip and go to the enormous Selime Monastery, the biggest religious structure in the region. Following that, we'll visit the amazing Pigeon Valley, which has hundreds of pigeon coops carved into its rocky hillsides. It's unknown why the locals kept making so many pigeon homes. Others claim that the droppings were used to produce explosives, while others claim they were used as a high-quality fertilizer. We'll end our journey at the onyx factory in town. You'll get to see how these lovely precious stones are created and transformed into jewelry.

You must be in good physical condition and healthy to participate in Marmaris Cappadocia Tour. Bring a pair of comfortable shoes, sunscreen, a hat, and some sunglasses.

Destinations & Lunch

The spectacular Uchisar Castle, which has a huge range of rooms and hidden tunnels carved into the mountain rocks, will be our first stop on the Marmaris Cappadocia Tour. The following stop will be the Goreme Open Air Museum. This magnificent museum is part of UNESCO's World Heritage Site list. The Cavusin Old Greek Village, known for Saint John the Baptist's cave church, will be our next stop. The size of this church is quite unusual when compared to other churches of the same type. It includes three rooms, which were rebuilt from the original one. According to local legends, the church's support structures had to be straightened and integrated into the walls because they might collapse, thus resulting in the creation of the three rooms. After that, we'll go to Pasabag, where some amazing fairy chimneys have double or even triple caps on top. We'll then proceed to St. Simeon's chapel and a one-of-a-kind hermit's dwelling carved into a three-capped chimney before stopping at St. Simeon's chapel again. Following that, we will go to Avanos to see how they make red clay pottery. Locals collect the beautiful red clay from the banks of the Red River to create ceramics.

Cappadocia Tour From Marmaris

The next excursion is to the Devrent Valley, known for its moonscape with numerous interesting rock formations. We'll then go to Urgup, where we will be able to view bigger fairy chimneys than usual. Then we'll go to a Turkish carpet factory in Goreme. You will observe how beautiful Turkish carpets are made during this trip. Following this visit, our chauffeur will return you to your hotel.

We will be picked up at the hotel and driven to the Derinkuyu, where we will walk. We will see the Hittite underground city, including a missionary school, stables, cellars, a genuine missionary school, and much more. Cities like this one were not designed to endure for extended periods but rather as a refuge from attackers and as shelters that could withstand attacks from enemies. Following that, we'll take a pleasant stroll along the Melendiz River through Ihlara Valley's gorgeous Ihlara Gorge. This valley has one hundred churches in its many caverns, and it formerly housed over four thousand dwellings.

After lunch, we'll stop at the Selime Monastery, the tallest religious structure in this region.

The following stop is the beautiful and renowned Pigeon Valley, which contains hundreds of charming pigeon homes carved into its mountain slopes. It was never explained why the local people continued to build dovecots. Some say that the dove droppings were collected as fertilizer, while others maintain that they utilized them to manufacture explosives. We'll then visit the granite quarry, where you can learn more about how these magnificent gems are produced.

Return To Marmaris

We'll go back to Marmaris on our tour of South Cappadocia. We will again hit the roads after this excellent sightseeing trip for Marmaris.

Price Inclusions

The price for our Marmaris Cappadocia Tour includes all forms of insurance and professional guiding, and a comfortable bus journey.

- You can book this tour at least 24 hours in advance of the trip's start time. Please get in touch with us via the inquiry form if you wish to make a last-minute reservation.

- You will be staying in the Cappadocia Inn Hotel, but we may give you another hotel with comparable standards depending on your reservations.

-Towels, Swimming Gear, Sun Cream, Sun Glasses, Camera, Comfortable Clothes, Comfortable Shoes, Hat. Overnight Bag and Other Necessities

-Remember that a hot air balloon trip in Cappadocia is optional and must be booked separately.

- If you want to go to another city from Cappadocia, you may also book this journey one way.

-This Tour Is Not Suitable For People Who Have Walking difficulties.