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Ephesus Tour from Marmaris
Ephesus Tour from Marmaris
Ephesus Tour from Marmaris
Ephesus Tour from Marmaris
Ephesus Tour from Marmaris
Ephesus Tour from Marmaris
Ephesus Tour from Marmaris
Ephesus Tour from Marmaris
Ephesus Tour from Marmarisp
Ephesus Tour from Marmaris

Ephesus Tour from Marmaris

Our Ephesus Tour is a unique chance to discover ancient sites and learn about the history of one of the world's most famous empires from an experienced expert. Now is the time to book your Ephesus trip with us and be a part of this fascinating journey through history.

Our adventure begins with a comfortable drive from your accommodation in Marmaris, interrupted only by a lovely short break in Mugla, where we will have an open buffet breakfast at the charming little local restaurant. After a delicious breakfast, we'll continue our journey to the magnificent ancient city of Ephesus. Our professional English-speaking tour guide will educate you about the itinerary of our subsequent visits as we travel.

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Marmaris Ephesus Tour

We'll see the remains of the magnificent Artemis Temple, which was erected to honour one of the greatest Greek deities, Artemis, goddess of purity, virtue, hunting, moon and nature. This magnificent temple is considered one of the seven wonders of antiquity.

During our Marmaris Ephesus Tour, you will be able to visit the House of Virgin Mary, which is said to be the final home of the Blessed Virgin Mary. After Christ's death, St. John brought Virgin Mary to Ephesus, according to some historical records. A little cottage was erected for her on Bulbul Mountain (now known as St John Hill). As a result of all this, Pope Paul declared The House of Virgin Mary one of Christianity's major pilgrimage sites.

Ephesus, with its ancient architectural marvels, looks almost otherworldly. Its map covers The Odeon, the State Agora, The Prytaneion, Domitian Square, Hercules Gate, The Fountain of Trajan, Temple of Hadrian, Curetes Street Walkthrough Celsius Library and The Gymnasium to see many more attractions. All of these ruins are well-preserved and continue to be a symbol of Christianity.

Tour Program

The Marmaris Ephesus Tour begins early in the morning, so we've arranged a lovely breakfast at a charming Mugla eatery for you. You'll also receive a glass of water or tea or coffee to keep you hydrated. The tour is included with your transportation costs.

Arriving at Ephesus & Comfort Break

After breakfast, we will continue our journey to Ephesus. You don't need to worry about the trip will be uncomfortable because all of our busses are comfortable and spacious, with air-conditioning systems. During the journey, you will be able to enjoy some refreshments as well. Once our lengthy yet pleasant excursion is completed, we can begin a wonderful visit to ancient Ephesus.

Visiting the Ancient City of Ephesus

The tour will last around two hours, during which you will get to explore the history of one of humanity's most significant civilizations. As you stroll through the well-restored ruins of this magnificent ancient city, our experts will tell you several tales and legendary stories as well as some fascinating historical facts.

Open Buffet Lunch

After our trip to Ephesus is finished, we will have an open-air buffet lunch in a fine restaurant nearby.

Free Time in Selcuk or Visiting the House of Mary

After lunch, you'll have some free time in the lovely Selcuk town. During that period, you may unwind and enjoy a cup of tea at a local cafeteria or discover other historical sites like Museums and The Temple of Artemis. Our guide will provide you with thorough information about these fascinating locations, but the decision is ultimately yours.

Arriving Back to Marmaris

We anticipate being in Marmaris at around 19:00. We'll drop you off at your hotel so you can rest and relax.

The Marmaris Ephesus City & Ancient Sites is a full-day excursion that takes about 12 hours. The trip includes a shuttle transfer from your hotel in Marmaris and back, according to the itinerary. You will be accompanied by a professional tour guide all day long. The guide is in command and assists you if you require anything. The tour includes morning and afternoon tea as well as a lunch that is served in local settings. A typical local lunch is included. Please keep in mind that alcoholic beverages, additional activities during the free time, any other extra entrance fees, and personal costs are not part of the package price.

• This Adventure Is Not Suitable for Guests with Walking Issues

• Sun Cream, Sunglasses, Comfortable Shoes, Hat, Comfortable Clothing, Camera

• Children will be required to show their valid passports at the entrance of the museums.