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Marmaris Beach Plane
Marmaris Beach Plane
Marmaris Beach Plane
Marmaris Beach Plane
Marmaris Beach Plane
Marmaris Beach Plane
Marmaris Beach Plane
Marmaris Beach Plane
Marmaris Beach Planep
Marmaris Beach Plane

Marmaris Beach Plane

Take in the stunning Marmaris Beach Plane tour and views of Marmaris's coast, which fly over the ancient castle and Icmelers beautiful beaches. Discover bays that seem like paradise as you follow the beautiful picturesque jewel blue shorelines. From above, enjoy the magnificent sight of Selimiye's bays.

This famous aircraft provides an exclusive experience with breath-taking vistas captured on the 360 mounted camera (see video below), giving you a full 360 degrees view. Your highly qualified pilot is available to give the greatest degree of safety. you can also meet specific requirements. Don't pass up this chance to go aboard this fantastic plane!

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Marmaris Beach Plane tour have 2 different options:

- Standart Beach Plane Tour

- Premium Beach Plane Tour

Standart Beach Plane Tour (20min)

Route 1: After passing the gorgeous sandy blue flag beach of Turunc, fly over to the moon-shaped Kumlubuk bay, which has long and sandy shorelines and a hotspot for excursion boats. Scuba photo contests are held in Kadirga Bay, another popular destination for tourist boats. It features steep rocks with tall platforms for cliff diving that provide spectacular vantage points.

Route 2: Flying by the coast to Turunc, then crossing over behind the island, takes us to "Yalancı bogaz," where you may observe the huge Yacht Marina shipyard with tree-made Gullets. Passing by the island from the front allows us to visit Paradise Island, and you can also get a magnificent view of Marmaris city as a whole.

Premium Beach Plane Tour (40min)

Discover seaside resorts that resemble utopian paradises along the spectacular jewel blue coast. Take a trip to Orhaniye's beautiful Kizkumu beach, where holidaymakers stroll in the middle of the sea. Capture the breathtaking panorama of Selimiye Bay.


We are delighted to announce the new top-of-the-line 2021 model MTOnautic Gyroplane, introduced into service. It has been dubbed the "BEACH PLANE," and there are only 20 of them in the world. With the introduction of a brand new high tech, high performance 915 Rotax engine, it is a first of its kind and has generated a lot of interest.

It truly lives up to its name as "the ultimate experience", with a cruising speed of 100km per hour, a flight duration of 2.5 hours, and an altitude of up to 9,000 feet. Marmaris now has a new perspective in the sky, thanks to it.

AutoGyro Germany's MTOnautic float gyroplane is the world's leading developer, manufacturer, and seller of gyroplanes. The gyroplane experts have been developing steadily since its founding in 1999 and now includes 100 highly qualified specialists and engineers. Since 2007, AutoGyro has been manufacturing gyros in series, with the ability to construct one gyroplane every day. With distributors in nearly 40 countries, AutoGyro aims to spread the fun of flying in a secure and adaptable way worldwide.


Over 23 years of flight experience, Sam Sinan Yilmaz has worked as a pilot in Australia. He was born and raised in Australia, where he completed his education and flight training before beginning his career as a pilot. He moved to the United Arab Emirates and worked as a pilot for high-ranking government officials. He then became an Emirates Airlines Captain on the Boeing 777 before moving to Turkish Airlines later. Captain Sam has 15,000 hours of experience flying a Boeing 777. He lives in Marmaris, Turkey, and flies the only gyroplane with floats (beach plane) in Turkey.

Certificates & Licences:

EASA Airline Transport Pilot Licence

B777/787 type rating (currently active)

Multi Engine Instrument Rating

Commercial Pilot Licence

Ultralight Pilot Licence

Radiotelephony Licence

Amateur Seaman’s Boat Certificate

- Customers should inform the airline if they have a medical condition that would prevent them from flying.

- The weather must be acceptable for flights to take place. Because of the aircraft's limitations.

- Passengers may not exceed 100 kg in weight.

- Requires parent permission: Minimal age 12 years old with parents consent