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Marmaris Buggy Safari Tour
Marmaris Buggy Safari Tour
Marmaris Buggy Safari Tour
Marmaris Buggy Safari Tour
Marmaris Buggy Safari Tour
Marmaris Buggy Safari Tour
Marmaris Buggy Safari Tour
Marmaris Buggy Safari Tour
Marmaris Buggy Safari Tourp
Marmaris Buggy Safari Tour

Marmaris Buggy Safari Tour

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If you've gotten tired of the same-old holiday trip you've been taking for years, or maybe you want to try something exciting and new, then our Marmaris Buggy Safari tour is exactly what you need. You'll be able to drive your buggy through Marmaris' lush forests and dry dunes, reconnecting with your inner child. As you zip along with the shifting muck and sandy desert of Marmaris, you will have the time of your life.

The Marmaris Buggy Safari Tour is a popular excursion in Marmaris, and you'll be back for more after your first bumpy ride through the beautiful countryside. The buggy safari comprises hilly terrains, beautiful riverbeds, and big swaths of sand and mud, which are all essential components. after learning the fundamentals of buggy driving, you'll have to decide whether to go at a crawling pace and take in the scenery or get wild behind the wheel.

Once you've been picked up from your accommodation in Marmaris by one of our transportation providers, you'll embark on an incredible journey through the picturesque wilderness around Marmaris. You'll first fill your lungs with delicious fresh air before our thrilling excursion begins.

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Marmaris Buggy Safari

During this exciting journey, you'll see magnificent mountains, beautiful wooded areas, and secluded riverbeds in secure and well-maintained vehicles that are tailored to your specific requirements. You will begin the excursion in a motorcade led by our professional guides, who will drive first and last. This is only for security purposes; you may therefore enjoy this wonderful experience entirely on your own.

It is unnecessary to have any experience driving a buggy or learning about the expedition before going on this fantastic journey. Children can join the trip, but with parental permission and our instructors' guidance. This planned Buggy Safari excursion lasts around three hours, including the time it takes to collect and return you and your friends or family to your hotel.

If you're searching for something to add color and excitement to your summer vacation, our Marmaris Buggy Safari excursion is the perfect fit.

Tour Program

Marmaris Buggy Safari begins with a free pick-up from your hotel, followed by a short and comfortable journey to the action location located 15 kilometers north of Marmaris. As BookingMarmaris, we schedule our trips in two sessions each day so that you can pick your own time. The first session is from 10:am.


Following a short briefing at the location, our instructors will give you an overview of your automobiles and information about the next trip. This may appear to be a waste of time, but it is crucial for you to have the greatest experience feasible. A demonstration ride will follow this brief presentation to assist you in getting a better sense of your vehicle and its environment.

Buggy Safari Begins

This exciting excursion takes you around the outskirts of Marmaris through wooded areas, riverbeds, and muddy wastelands. Our trucks are well-maintained to provide you with a smooth and bumpy journey over all of these terrains. The entire driving time for this trip is 1 hour, during which our specialists will be at your side to guarantee your safety and enjoyment.

Cleaning Up at the End of the Tour

You'll need to clean yourself and recuperate after two hours of a jarring ride through dirt and muck. When our trip is over, we will reach the location with various showers ready for you. This is where you may wash your clothes, change them, and refresh yourself.

Return to the Hotel

We've taken care of car and driver transfers back to your hotels as part of the tour. As they are included in the tour location, transfers from and to your hotels are free of cost.

This trip takes place every day during the morning and lasts for about three hours. It includes a 2-way transfer service from and to your hotel in Marmaris, as well as full insurance, a vital safety session with an English-speaking expert instructor, and all required safety equipment. Please keep in mind that food, beverages, and other personal expenses are not included in the price.

We advise you to bring additional clothing with you on this trip since you will get dirty. You may use the showers at our facility after your tour for cleaning. Children under the age of 14 are not permitted to operate the vehicle, and there is no driving requirement or previous expertise. If your guests would like to watch your buggy safari, they may join this tour as a guest for an additional charge. Sun Creams, Sun Glasses, Comfortable Shoes or Sneakers, Camera, Spare Clothes are recommended.