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Meet with Dolphins in Marmaris
Meet with Dolphins in Marmaris
Meet with Dolphins in Marmaris
Meet with Dolphins in Marmaris
Meet with Dolphins in Marmaris
Meet with Dolphins in Marmaris
Meet with Dolphins in Marmaris
Meet with Dolphins in Marmaris
Meet with Dolphins in Marmaris
Meet with Dolphins in Marmaris

Meet with Dolphins in Marmaris

$150.00 $100.00

Marmaris Meet with Dolphins Tour is a wonderful and exciting new way to spend your summer holidays. This lovely excursion will make you feel very special.

You may stroke the dolphins, kiss them, and watch them perform their dance during our Marmaris Meet with Dolphins excursion. Our dolphin park is open all summer, and you are welcome to go there on your holiday.

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Tour Program

This program will allow you to hang out poolside with the dolphins without worry. Dolphins are kind people who can't wait to interact and play with you. You will feel that you're spending quality time with your kids due to their high intellect and fun-loving personalities. Each Meet, the Dolphins session, lasts around 30 minutes.

There are a few rules you should follow while visiting the park. One of them is that you should not enter the pool if you have applied your sun cream since it will wash away in the water that the dolphins swim in. You should also avoid contact with the dolphins if you've been drinking alcohol since you might harm them.

Children of all ages are welcome to attend the dolphin park; however, those under the age of three are not permitted to participate in activities with dolphins since we would endanger their safety. This amazing journey lasts two hours and is more than enough time for you to get acquainted with these wonderful creatures.

The complete package tour includes transportation from your hotel in Marmaris to the dolphin park and back, as well as admission tickets and a Meet with Dolphins Marmaris itinerary.

Booking Marmaris offers three dolphin encounters per day, one in the morning and two in the afternoon. The first is a free pick-up from your hotel, followed by a short and pleasant drive to Dolphin Park. Booking Marmaris provides three sessions each day, with scheduling flexibility.


The entrance fee to the park is included in the tour price. A Dolphin trainer will meet you as you enter the park, who will go over the rules and regulations with you. For example, you must not apply any sun lotions or creams on your skin before interacting with the dolphins, and you should handle them with care.


The experience begins with the arrival at the park. The tour starts in a large room where you will get your equipment, wet suits, and lifejackets. You can then meet the dolphins once you're ready.

Meet with the Dolphins

There are platforms besides the dolphin pool where you may rest and interact with dolphins as our trainers educate you about these fascinating animals. In the meanwhile, you will have a chance to feed them, play with them, and observe them perform some tricks. This encounter lasts for 30 minutes.

Photographs and videos

Our professional photographer will take photos and videos while you're interacting with the dolphins. You'll be able to get a DVD recording of your adventure after the meeting is over.

Returning to Your Hotel

Following Marmaris Meet With Dolphins Tour, our driver will transport you back to your hotel. Because it is included in the price, this transfer is free of charge.

A half-day excursion to swim with the dolphins is offered for one or two people. According to the itinerary, this activity consists of a two-way shuttle from your hotel in Marmaris to the Dolphinarium. Furthermore, the cost of the package includes both admission fees to the location and a dolphin show and swimming session. Comprehensive insurance is also included in the price for your protection and convenience. Please note that food, drinks, professional photos and DVDs, and other personal costs are not part of the deal.

- Dolphins have delicate skin, and since you'll be able to touch them throughout your session, you should avoid wearing sunscreen, oils, scents, and perfume.

- People who are under the influence of alcohol can't interact with dolphins.

- Swimsuits, Suncream, Sun Glasses, Towels, Hat