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Rhodes Tour from Marmaris
Rhodes Tour from Marmaris
Rhodes Tour from Marmaris
Rhodes Tour from Marmaris
Rhodes Tour from Marmaris
Rhodes Tour from Marmaris
Rhodes Tour from Marmaris
Rhodes Tour from Marmaris
Rhodes Tour from Marmarisp
Rhodes Tour from Marmaris

Rhodes Tour from Marmaris

Take the opportunity to visit this Greek island during your holiday in Marmaris with the Rhodes isle tour. Our quick ferry gets you there in 50 minutes. It's one of the few islands that has retained its traditional feel while being fashionable and modern at the same time. A Day Trip to Rhodes from Marmaris is an excellent way to spend a memorable vacation.

Our Marmaris Rhodes excursion begins at 7:30 with a transfer from your hotel in Marmaris. From Marmaris, we'll transport you to Rhodes in less than fifty minutes aboard our quick catamarans. You will be able to explore the rich cultural heritage of Rhodes' deep and lovely cultural collage once we arrive.

You'll also get a chance to gaze upon the lovely seaside scenery: verdant inlets and most lovely golden beaches. This exquisite countryside is just one of the many reasons for Rhodes' popularity. Rhodes is a colorful and vibrant carpet made up of some unforgettable experiences to see and go on.

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Marmaris Rhodes Tour

One of the places you should go to is Old Town. This magnificent location is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it will provide you with a clear view of the ancient civilizations and their rulers. Take a memorable stroll through ancient history while admiring the majesty of the Palace of Grand Masters, Street of Knights, massive mosques, and charming baths. Visit the magnificent St Paul Church, monumental Aphrodite Temple, museums, breathtaking Freedom Gate, and so much more fascinating locations.

Rhodes' vast historical past will make you feel the wisdom and energy of ancient and powerful civilizations course through this magnificent island. You'll be able to explore these excellent preserved medieval communities, but you'll also get to see a lot more lovely aspects of Rhodes. Lavish restaurants and picturesque hamlets, secluded beaches, and an amazing metropolis of Mandraki are all available for your enjoyment, and you shouldn't miss seeing them. You will have six hours of free time on this beautiful island to stroll its streets.

There are several souvenir shops in Rhodes, but we should warn you to be wary of prices, as they are almost double in Turkey. You may book a Marmaris Rhodes Tour online and participate in this exciting journey. Please remember to bring your passport, and leave the rest with us.

Tour Program

For Marmaris Rhodes tour our profesionally drivers will pick you up at your accommodation or send you a detailed email describing the nearest location from which you may take the shuttle bus to the harbor in Marmaris Rhodes. We begin early to enjoy each day fully, and once you arrive at the port, you will receive your boarding passes.

Boarding Cards

We'll go through passport control and customs once you've fed your boarding cards into the machine. Because boarding cards do not have seat numbers printed on them, you may pick any vacant seat.

Explore Rhodes

We arrive at Rhodes and pass through customs after that you will have 5 or 6 hours of free time to explore Rhodes on your own. You'll be able to see a variety of historical and urban places. If you're tired or hungry, you may go out for a bite to eat in one of the island's many restaurants serving regional cuisine.

Shopping at a Duty-Free Shop

On this lovely excursion, you'll be able to shop duty-free on both the Turkish and Greek islands. However, you should be aware of certain restrictions that you may encounter here. In Greece, prices are significantly different from those in Turkey, so be more cautious than usual.

Return to Marmaris

We will return to Marmaris at the end of the day, where we will arrange for your transportation back to your hotel for free. As it is included in the tour price, there is no extra charge for this transfer.

The Marmaris Rhodes Day Trip is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Joining this trip allows you to explore one of the most well-known Greek Islands while also capturing cherished memories. This day trip includes a two-way transportation service from and to your accommodation in Marmaris. Since you're going to be on a boat, it's best to have your own safety and comfort in mind. A comprehensive insurance is included as a precaution to ensure that you enjoy your trip to the fullest possible without any concerns. In addition, boat tickets from and back to Marmaris are included in the price. Food, drinks, additional activities in Rhodes, and other personal expenditures are not included in the cost.

- It's a good idea to bring sunscreen, a hat, and water with you.

- In case of bad weather, the catamaran may not operate.

- Please bring your passports

- The Rhodes holiday is unguided.